Win.  Decisively.

VoteRight combines fundraising with opinion polling to give you a simple and convenient way to find and support Republican candidates nationwide and tell them what you think on the issues that matter to you.  Our mission is to help make conservatives stronger, broader and more competitive in every county in every state throughout the United States.

Grassroots voters like you are more engaged, more informed and more involved than ever before.  You watch our representatives and those who seek to replace them with careful scrutiny and follow the issues closely.  You mobilize quickly to elect the candidates you support and defeat the candidates you oppose.  We’d like to help.

Find Candidates.

VoteRight is your roadmap to federal elections.  Our Candidate Search allows you to find any candidate for federal office registered with the FEC.

Use our interactive map above to find candidates by state or use the links above to find candidates by office.  You can also create custom searches by name, office, party, state, district or status.


Donate to the candidates you find, right from your search results!

VoteRight lets you contribute to as many candidates or campaigns as you want in the same amount of time it takes to donate to a single candidate elsewhere.  Donate to multiple candidates, PACs, Super PACs and party committees (or any combination thereof) all in one place and all in a single transaction!

Tell Them Why.

Our Voter Grassroots Priority Survey turns every contribution into a conversation.  Voter GPS is a real-time donor “exit poll” that gives you the ability to tell your candidates why you support them, which issues are your priorities as a voter and where you stand on those issues.  You can take the survey immediately upon making your contribution.

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Candidate Status

You can also search directly by a candidate's name: